Cynthia Jauregui

Cynthia Jauregui


Inspiration can come in many forms: perhaps a smile from a loved one, the adrenaline rush of an exciting new adventure, or feeling successful for a job well done. But what happens when you are not feeling inspired? Relationships that used to click, may feel strained, instead of feeling energetic, you may feel drained, or you may feel like you are not achieving success in one or more areas of your life.

Balance of work, school & life in general may have become challenging or overwhelming. Has your attempts to keep up with everything or everyone caused you to fall behind? Has your attempts to maintain balance caused you to lose your inspiration & creativity?

Believe that you can live a balanced life. Let me guide you on what a balanced life may look & feel like. I believe that all people have unique gifts. I will use my gifts of empathy, intuition, creativity and guidance in order to reignite the fire within you and to help you find your unique gifts.

Are you ready to live your inspired life?